Updated: 8/5/2014

The Battlestar Galactica Exhibits at Seattle Center

Software Development Interests

  • Tool development.
  • Tool integration, API development.
  • Trying to be of some use to the general software development and tool development community.
  • Measuring stuff.

General Interests

Will add interesting links as and when I find time. These are topics in Science (or otherwise) I find cool and fun.

Astrophysics, Astrobiology, Cosmology

Love the stuff. Seriously enhances my enjoyment of good Science Fiction literature and media.

There are just so many good documentaries from PBS NOVA and BBC, but the best almost certainly has to be the old Cosmos by Carl Sagan:

a) [PBS] Cosmos

Presented by Carl Sagan. Just a beautiful series. Can be bought at:

b) [FREE] Project Tuva

Whatever disagreements I may have with Microsoft's business strategies, this is a great dedication to the genius of Richard Feynman. The name Tuva refers to Richard's documented quest to try and visit Tannu Tuva before he died. He failed, but eventually his daughter got to go. This PBS documentary is named "The Quest for Tannu Tuva" (I think).

Anyway, it would be remiss for me not to cover anything in Physics without mentioning Richard Feynman. He is a great hero of mine along with Sagan!

Evolutionary Biology, Bio-mechanics, Bio-chemistry, Biology

Strangely, I've not started to enjoy these topics in Science until very recently. The moment of epiphany must have been when I was brought face-to-face with the fact that we are, in reality very highly complex systems.

Here are some documentary sources of interest to me:

a) [FREE] Homo Sapiens - Who Are We?

This begins a series of videos on youtube representing a good summary of some of my interests here. It bleeds into the area of Paleontology, naturally. The reason I listed it first is because it is free to view. The Incredible Human Journey (see below) presented by Alice Roberts is a far more polished production, albeit with fewer technical details.

b) [BBC] The Incredible Human Journey

Presented by Dr. Alice Roberts. Entertaining and interesting, it is probably a better lead-in to the topic for a lay-person (like myself).

History, Archeology, Paleontology

I had been fascinated by these topics from young. Now, they offer me a window into our origins as cultures, civilizations, and as a species. Perhaps one day, the things we learn here will help us navigate our way into the future.

Good documentary source:

a) [BBC] The Ascent of Man

Very old but very good documentary. Presented by Jacob Bronowski. It can still be purchased from Barnes and Noble: